Black White + Gray

Just watched Black White + Gray: A portrait of Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe by James Crump about the life of Sam Wagstaff and his undeniable contribution to the discovery of photography.

For those with any interest in photography at all, it is a must see. You can watch instantly on netflix.


From the director:

Black White + Gray meditates on Wagstaff’s life journey and his transformation through shared passion and experience with Mapplethorpe. It points to how Wagstaff found his true role as a collector of photography and through Mapplethorpe was enabled to visit and unlock parts of his true self. It likewise gives new dimension to Mapplethorpe and his role inspiring Wagstaff in his early collecting of photographs. The film I hope demonstrates the symbiotic bond that grew out of a chance encounter in 1972 and how the work of both men continues to resonate today. When Wagstaff and Mapplethorpe made their first discoveries and triumphs in the medium, photography didn’t enjoy its present status nor the hyperbolic values now being realized at auction. I think both men would be amused by their joint influence, which continues to play itself out in the art world.

(read more here)


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