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April 20, 2009

Latest Vogue feature shot by Steven Meisel



Nicola Vassell

April 20, 2009

Had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Nicola Vassell, a director at Deitch Projects a few weeks ago:




April 20, 2009


Just watched  Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project. Go see it. (You can get it on Netflix)  Again, blown away by someone whose work I wasn’t all to familiar with going in. Film follows photographer Tierney Gearon working on a series documenting her schizophrenic and manic depressive mother and in turn deals with mother-daughter issues,  Tierney’s own relationship with her children and the balance between family and art. Below, some images from the final project:






She makes me want to shoot film!

And make pictures with my own mother.

Super excited that I’ll be in LA this coming weekend and will  be able to see the very last day of her new exhibit entitled “Explosure”  at the  ACE Gallery.

Some recent me

April 14, 2009

in brooklyn:


in the hamptons:


Ah, New York

April 14, 2009

Don’t you just love it when out of the blue (well, through your google reader) you find out about a photo lecture, have never heard of the photographers, attend, and are simply blown away and are introduced to a whole new world and philosophy on photography? Well that happened last night. South African photographers, Oliver Chanarin and Adam Broomberg presented their work at the Visual Arts Theate and Susan Bright (who wrote Art Photography Now, a must read) was there to follow the talk with a candid discussion. I am extremely fortunate to be living in New York and have free access to events like these. Highly urge you to go to their site and read what they have to say about their work and study each image. I found them to be quite brilliant last night. picture-19picture-20picture-21Images by  Oliver Chanarin and Adam Broomberg


them @ work (image from


April 10, 2009

Thanks to my awesome friends Jon, Raissa, Kara and Lucas for letting me shoot them for the new clothing company Playback!




playback-34 playback-561

Nadav Kander talks about his “Obama’s People” Portraits

April 10, 2009

The photo blog Lens Culture has just posted a fabulous audio interview here, with photographer Nadav Kander. Kander discusses his intentions behind the hotly debated portfolio he shot at the end of 2008 of Obama’s People for the New York Times magazine. You can view the whole essay here. Some of my favorites below:


Rahm Emanuel: Chief of Staff


Euguene Kang: Special Assistant to the President


Joseph Biden: Vice President


Samantha Power: Advisor


Dennis McDonough: Senior Foreign Policy Aid


Ken Salazar: Interior Secretary

Gui the cover superstar

April 3, 2009

I met the Brazilian photographer Gui Mohallem last year in New York during the maddness of the first New York Photo Festival. I was introduced to him through a friend and we immediately clicked. It was the kind of connection that only happens every once in a blue moon where even though you’ve known this person lets say for just a day, you feel like you were meant to know them your whole life. Even rarer, the fact that I’m not talking romance here, (Gui is gay, as you’ll see below), but a pure connection on some deeper human level.

Gui was in town for a solo gallery show in Dumbo that he miraculously arranged while visiting New York on vacation. It featured an on-going series of his called “Rehearsal to Madness” all made using a digital pinhole technique. When I went to Brazil the following month, I was fortunate to be included as part of the series.


We were spinning around and around, hands clasped together and camera strung around his neck, atop a hillside looking over the city of São Paulo, when this shot was taken.

On another note- I was delighted to receive an email from him this week with a link to the cover of UK’s MC Mag featuring none other than Gui himself!


Click here to see the entire gorgeous photo spread shot by Manuel Nogueira.