Just watched  Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project. Go see it. (You can get it on Netflix)  Again, blown away by someone whose work I wasn’t all to familiar with going in. Film follows photographer Tierney Gearon working on a series documenting her schizophrenic and manic depressive mother and in turn deals with mother-daughter issues,  Tierney’s own relationship with her children and the balance between family and art. Below, some images from the final project:






She makes me want to shoot film!

And make pictures with my own mother.

Super excited that I’ll be in LA this coming weekend and will  be able to see the very last day of her new exhibit entitled “Explosure”  at the  ACE Gallery.


One Response to “Influence”

  1. David Welch Says:

    Enjoy your time in LA. Do stop by here:

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