What do to on a cloudy morning?

Here I am, dancing away as usual. I literally can’t stop myself sometimes from jumping in front of the lens. I feel that my self portraits are shifting. I’m not exactly sure the new direction, but I’ve definitely been speeding up the shutter. jumping in the grass


2 Responses to “What do to on a cloudy morning?”

  1. gUi Says:

    hey baby

    so glad I subscribed to your blog. You know i love your self portraits.
    these are no different.


  2. DavidMaziarz Says:

    I think I’m humbled by the task of creating a self-portrait. Having the control of both the photographer and model simultaneously seems like a lot of power to wield. I’m always impressed at how well you do at creating these type images. I believe that I shy away from them because I’m not ready to address the creative potential held therein. Glad you are…keep ’em coming.

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