Simon Roberts

Lots and lots of photo happenings these weeks. Need to share about one more-

On the rainy cold Friday of last week, Kara dragged me to hear an artist’s talk at the Klompching Gallery in Dumbo. I was reluctant to go, never having heard of the photographer, Simon Roberts, and it being rainy and me being tired, but it being her birthday, I willingly obliged. Honestly, it was one of the best events I have attended since being in New York. When we walked in, the talk had already begun and there were only about 20 people seated in the small gallery space; it was so intimate, as if we were meeting in his living room and he was showing slides from a recent vacation. He had just started describing how he got started with his project titled We English. Publisher Chris Boot explains, “Simon Roberts traveled throughout England in a motorhome between August 2007 and September 2008, for this portfolio of large-format tableaux photographs of the English at leisure. Photographing ordinary people engaged in a variety of pastimes, Roberts finds beauty in the mundane; the result is an elegiac exploration of identity, attachment to home and land, and the relationship between people and place. This is the most significant contribution to the photography of England in recent years.”  Typically, I am a portrait lover and not really one for landscapes, but Simon has changed me. He was incredibly eloquent in talking about his work, delving deeply into the how and why, clearly exposing his thought process and showing that there were no random occurrences, every decision was intentional. There are those photographers that have all the discourse, but fail to provide shattering work, and then there are those photographers that have beautifully stunning work, but fall short when it comes to the discourse. Simon is one of those photographers that seamlessly brings both to the table, and for that, this experience, was truly unforgettable.




We English will be at the Klompching Gallery through Oct 24th.

Kara has a sound recap of the event here as well.


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