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Gui the cover superstar

April 3, 2009

I met the Brazilian photographer Gui Mohallem last year in New York during the maddness of the first New York Photo Festival. I was introduced to him through a friend and we immediately clicked. It was the kind of connection that only happens every once in a blue moon where even though you’ve known this person lets say for just a day, you feel like you were meant to know them your whole life. Even rarer, the fact that I’m not talking romance here, (Gui is gay, as you’ll see below), but a pure connection on some deeper human level.

Gui was in town for a solo gallery show in Dumbo that he miraculously arranged while visiting New York on vacation. It featured an on-going series of his called “Rehearsal to Madness” all made using a digital pinhole technique. When I went to Brazil the following month, I was fortunate to be included as part of the series.


We were spinning around and around, hands clasped together and camera strung around his neck, atop a hillside looking over the city of São Paulo, when this shot was taken.

On another note- I was delighted to receive an email from him this week with a link to the cover of UK’s MC Mag featuring none other than Gui himself!


Click here to see the entire gorgeous photo spread shot by Manuel Nogueira.



March 18, 2009

From the blog Horses Think:

At one point [Nikki S.] Lee made a statement that struck a chord with me as it probably would to most artists as it related to how there is no border between working and not working. Meaning that as an artist one is constantly working on the next idea. She expressed the desire to work a 9-5 job from time to time as it benefited from having a definite beginning and end. This way she could just come home and leave her work behind at the office.

Have always loved photographing legs…

June 4, 2008